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NIMR ISV Vehicle
STORM Vehicle Controller
STORM 500 Tripod


The STORM systems integrate a range of non-lethal technologies into one carefully designed package that can be vehicle mounted or static positioned, and operated by a user friendly controller operating system with a video monitor. This provides the user with a multi-capability system that can be used from inside a vehicle or from a control room. This location positioning reduces the threat of violence to the user, while engaging targets with non-lethal force.


The STORM system has been developed to address the requirements of personnel directly facing threats. Using the experience of non-lethal operational users, there is an exhaustive list of possible applications for the unit. The STORM  systems offer that missing level of response required in today’s environment.

Key Features


  • Live audio announcements

  • Pan and Tilt color/thermal video monitoring

  • Light, Laser and Sound deterrents

  • Non-Lethal deterrence central control system

  • Pre-recorded audio, video storage & remote transmission

  • Flexibility to customize sensor payloads

  • 360’ degree operations- static or mobile

  • Ruggedized and environmental proven products

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