PASSIVE FORCE, LLC is a Non-lethal technologies, integrator, distributor, installer and after-sales service agent of multiple systems and solutions. PASSIVE FORCE works with U.S. and other international market leaders in the field of Non-lethal technologies. We provide a portfolio of devices that can be deployed in a wide variety of roles, providing an added layer of escalation in any given situation.
PASSIVE FORCE is also the sole provider of the integrated STORM Non-lethal weaponry system for mobile and static operations.
Passive Force LLC


By integrating technologies from companies that are currently leaders in their markets, PASSIVE FORCE, LLC ensures that its systems and portfolio are ahead of the competition and able to provide its customers with the best options available.


Among the companies with whom we work are:

  • LRAD - the global leader in Long Range Acoustic Devices who support the U.S. Army and Navy in operations worldwide

  • WAVELENGTH SOLUTIONS, LCC - providers of the most powerful green laser devices commercially available

  • RVISION - one of the leading global providers of camera systems


Through these types of relationships, PASSIVE FORCE, LLC has produced a superior quality integrated Non-lethal weapon system

Passive Force LLC


During incidents where the application of force endangers non-combatants, alternative methods are now not a preferred tactical option, but a requirement. PASSIVE FORCE excels at addressing these changing dynamics facing governing bodies, security services and domestic law enforcement agencies, as they confront a multitude of challenges in highly complex situations. Our portfolio and systems fill that missing gap in the escalation of force transition. 


PASSIVE FORCE, LLC also offers full training programs, in line with all of its supplied products, which are tailored to the customer’s requirements. This training allows the customer to realise the full operational capabilities of the systems and assists them in carrying out basic technical adjustments. Warranties and full after sales service is at the same high quality as the systems themselves.