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SWAT Vehicle
US Customs & Border Patrol
1000RX on Naval Vessel
John Deere Gator UGV
Integrated into existing systems
US Customs & Border Patrol
LRAD 500x
LRAD 100X Handheld
LRAD 360 Mass Communication System
Air Mobile with LRAD 1000Xi
LRAD 300
LRAD 500


Passive Force Security Devices LLC are honoured to be the distributors in the GCC of the LRAD systems and solutions. Through the use of safe, poweful voice broadcast and warning tones, LRAD acoustic hailing devices (AHDs) hail, warn and communicate to crowds, individuals or potential vehicle/vessel threats over distances up to 5,500 metres and beyond, creating large safety zones, unequivocally determining intent, changing behaviour, peacefully resolving uncertain situation and saving lives on both side of the Long Range Acoustic Device.


LRAD provides law enforcement, security and military personnel a long range capability to broadcast warnings and determine the intent of potential threats at safe distances, providing more time and distance to scale the escalation of force in response to a threat's actions including the use of LRAD's powerful deterrent tone to create extended safety perimeters.


The LRAD range of products are designed to be directional or available as mass communication devices.



Key Features


The Long Range Acoustic Device produces a concentrated 30' beam of sound to breadcast highly intelligle voice messages (live or pre recorded) and powerful alarm tones over large distances.



  • HAIL target threat

  • NOTIFY targeted threat that they are approaching a restricted area

  • WARN targeted threat to stop and retreat

  • DETERMINE intent through targeted threat's response

  • ALTER behavior of targeted threat through deterrent tone

  • PROVIDE time and distance to assess te situation and scale escalation of force

  • PREVENT accidental shooting incidents

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