Sealase is a 5000mW high  power Non-Lethal Laser Dazzler on a stabilized IP controllable pan and tilt platform. This deterrent technology can be integrated with multiple camera sensors. The Non-Lethal Laser Dazzler allows the user to choose between suppression/deterrence, hail/warning, and illumination operations. The Integrated camera sensors can be day/night colour, Thermal, or ultra- low light sCMOS cameras for extended performance capabilities. The sealed optical payload is mounted on a pan/tilt platform designed for 24/7 use in harsh all-weather environments. Radar linked target tracking and ‘slew-to-cue’ ability are optional features.

Sea lases 3 Picture.png

Key Features


  • High Power 5000mW Non-Lethal Green Laser modules

  • Optical sensor for visual tracking

  • Stabilised Pan and Tilt for Marine application

  • Up to 120' / sec slew rate

  • IP based platform for integration into existing systems

  • Radar based tracking ability available 

  • Fully Sealed for outdoor applications (IP66) and a sturdy construction for use in arduous environments

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